ISO 55001 Asset Management System Certification


This International Standard specifies the requirements for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement of a management system for asset management, referred to as an “asset management system”. This International Standard can be used by any organization. The organization determines to which of its assets this International Standard applies.

It is designed to provide structure and guidance to an Asset Management System (AMS) to manage and mitigate risk, whilst benchmarking performance across all sectors and improving financial performance in line with organizational growth strategies.

Benefits of ISO 55001 Asset Management System:

Effective management of value, risk and reliability

Good governance, and a good understanding and control of assets, can improve stakeholder confidence (e.g. customers and regulators acting on behalf of customers) and result in lower insurance premiums

Seamless integration of AMS into Integrated Management Systems

Current HSE, Security, Information Security, Quality, Environment and Business Continuity Programs require current knowledge of assets and effective management of assets and related risks. The introduction of a comprehensive AMS into the integrated management systems adds significant value to the overall Risk and Business Management Model of the organization.

Standardize and simplify

Asset management allows large organizations to standardize and simplify plants and equipment, reducing costs for spares and supplies, as well as training and support. The optimized asset management programmes assure maximizing the value and taking advantage of the opportunities for growth.

Personal and process safety

Effective asset management improves both personal and process safety, reducing the risk of injury and catastrophic events. The proactive risk management and operational management of assets, assures minimizing the probability of incidents and accidents.

Image and reputation

Assets contribute to the reputation and image of the organization, just as they contribute to its operation. Assets are often the front door to the enterprise, such as in hospitality and retail, and improved design contributes directly to increased visits

Your advantages in working with us:

  • Security in planning and execution at an individual fixed price
  • Compact, unbureaucratic, and flexible approach
  • Fast implementation through years of audit expertise
  • Shortened audit duration and certification in 6-12 weeks

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